Raïs Hamidou

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Raïs Hamidou
الرايس حميدو
Rais hamidou.jpg
Nickname Amir el bihar (leader of the seas)
Type Corsair
Born 1773
Place of birth Boumerdes, Algeria
Died 1815
Place of death Cape Gata, Near of Spain
Allegiance Algeria
Years active 1795 - 1815
Rank Captain, then Admiral



Rais Hamidou or Hamidu, also called Hammida or Amidon (in the American literature) (1773–1815) was a famous Algerian corsair. He captured many ships during his career and was known for his gallantry and chivalry. Hamidou died in the Battle off Cape Gata against an American squadron commanded by Stephen Decatur in 1815. The commune of Raïs Hamidou in Algiers, is named after him.

Captain William Bainbridge pays tribute to the Dey of Algiers, in the name of the United States of America; in 1800.
Algiers the capital of Algeria in the time of Rais Hamidou