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Raison d'être

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Raison d'être /ˌrzɒ̃ ˈdɛtrə/ is a French expression commonly used in English, meaning "reason for being" or "reason to be."

Raison d'être may refer to:



  • "Raison d'etre", a song by Asriel from the album Abyss
  • "raison detre", a song by Japanese rock band Dir En Grey on the album Gauze
  • "Raison d'etre", a song by Japanese rock band Nightmare used as opening theme of the anime Claymore
  • "Raison d'être", a song used as the ending theme of the Chobits anime by Japanese singer and voice actress Rie Tanaka
  • "Raison d'etre", a song by British rock band Buzzcocks from the album A Different Kind of Tension
  • "Raison d'être~交差する宿命~", a song by Tomosuke Funaki under the alias Zektbach for the arcade game beatmania IIDX 17: Sirius
  • "Raison d'être~レーゾンデートル~", a song by Japanese singer Eve from the album Smile