Raiymbek Batyr

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Raiymbek Batyr
Native name
Райымбек Батыр
Kazakh Khanate
AllegianceKazakh Khanate
Battles/warsKazakh-Dzungar Wars:
  • Battle of Anuraqau

Cover of the novel Raiymbek Batyr by Z. Turlybaiuly.
The shrine of Raiymbek Batyr in Almaty, Kazakhstan
Rayimbek Batyr monument at Almaty, Kazakhstan

Raiymbek Batyr was a famous Kazakh warrior from the 18th century. 'Batyr' is an honorific term meaning hero in the Khazakh language, his given name being Raiymbek. He actively resisted the Dzungar invasion of Kazakh territories and played a major role in liberating the Kazakhs from Dzungar rule.[1] He was the grandson of a diplomat, and prevailed on the Russian czarina Anna Ivanovna asking for protection from the Dzungars, one of the Oirat (West Mongolian) tribes that were the last remnants of the Mongol horse archer empire. He was instrumental in bringing the senior juz into a closer relationship with Russia.

He is the subject of a two-volume historical novel bearing his name.[2] His name is commonly given to public features in Kazakhstan such as streets and mosques.[3]


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