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Raj (Hindi: राज) in different contexts means "rule", "king", "ruler", "emperor" or "royalty" in the Sanskrit language families of the Indian sub-continent including in Romanes, its closest Indo-European relative. Also, Raj is a Polish and Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian word meaning "paradise" or "heaven".

Indian history[edit]

In India, 'Raj' may refer to any of several regimes:

  • British Raj, the British Empire in India (sometimes referred to as Indian Empire in the UK)
  • Company Raj, the British East India Company in the Indian Subcontinent
  • Licence Raj, the former Indian system of elaborate licences, regulations and accompanying red tape
  • Mafia Raj, where public property and funds are controlled by a criminalised nexus of politicians and business interests

Ethnic group[edit]

  • Raj caste, a Hindu ethnic group found in India and Pakistan
  • Raj, an ethnic group found in the Philippines known by their mix of Indians and Filipinos



Rajko,Rajke,Rajo and Rajan are masculine given names of Serbian origin and comes from the Serbian word "raj" meaning "Paradise". Raja, Rajka, Rajana are the female given names.


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