Raj Kumar Shukla

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Raj Kumar Shukla met Mahatma Gandhi to make him aware of the plight of the cultivators in Champaran and persuaded him to go there. Though often described as a cultivator, he was a money lender from village Murli Bharwa near Narkatiaganj in West Champaran, earning, according to his own statement before the enquiry committee set up by the provincial government, a sum of rupees two thousand a month from interest [1][2] Bhumihar Brahmins in Champaran had earlier revolted against indigo cultivation in 1914 (at Pipra) and 1916 (Turkaulia). Mahatama Gandhi arrived in Champaran with his team of eminent nationalists Rajendra Prasad, Anugraha Narayan Sinha, Brajkishore Prasad and the Champaran Satyagraha began.[3]

To commemorate his 125th birth anniversary, the Department of Posts released a stamp in his honour in 2000.[4]


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