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Raj Ramayya
Raj Ramayya at Otakuthon 2014
Background information
Born Saskatchewan, Canada
Occupation(s) Singer, composer, lyricist, voice actor
Associated acts Beautiful Losers, Yoko Kanno, Tatsuya Oe, Chris Mosdell, Ron Sexsmith, Akakage
Website rajramayya.com

Raj Ramayya is a session singer/composer and part of the duo Beautiful Losers with guitarist Brett Boyd.

Ramayya was born in Saskatchewan, and is of Indian heritage. Award winning Singer-Songwriter/Composer/Lyricist Raj Ramayya has been a consistently strong force on the international music scene. Collaborating with several distinguished artists ranging from Yoko Kanno (Gundam, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, Wolfs rain) Tatsuya Oe (Hotei, Captain Funk, ) Chris Mosdell (Eric Clapton, YMO, Sarah Brightman) and songwriting guru Ron Sexsmith. Ramayya is best known for his contribution to Anime classic movie "Cowboy Bebop OST" and "Wolfs Rain OST" , Capcoms "Resident Evil 2 -Biohazard", Konami`s hit series Beatmania and Rythmania, MTV Japans mega hit animation series The World of Golden Eggs Victor entertainments Gungrave, Shenmue, Sega's Racer[disambiguation needed] and many more. Ramayya is credited with over 250 TV commercials with co-writing, writing and singing contributions and well over a 1,000,000 in sales by soundscan.[1]


Raj Ramayya is an Indo-Canadian singer–composer–lyricist. He has featured as a guest singer/composer with artists ranging from Yoko Kanno (∀ Gundam, Cowboy Bebop, Wolf's Rain) Tatsuya Oe (Captain Funk, Hotei) Chris Mosdell (Eric Clapton, YMO) and songwriter Ron Sexsmith.

Ramayya's film scoring projects have won him the SIMPIA motion picture award for "Best Canadian Soundtrack" featuring his Electronic -Indian- Fusion music project entitled Bhang Lassi . Bhang lassi is featured on the multiple Gemini award winning Docu -Drama "Cosmic Current and released on Dynastic records Japan with an upcoming release on major Japanese label Victor Entertainment. Tracks for the new Bhang Lassi cd are featured on the soundtrack to the recently released and 3rd highest rated CBC docu-drama "Mad, Cow, Sacred Cow" screening at several film festivals worldwide including the Mumbai Film festival 2010 and winner of several Canadian film awards.

As the one of the most sought after session singers and vocal coach's in Japan he is known for his work with numerous J-POP and Visual Kei artists. His John Beatlesque vocals are featured on over 250 TV commercial's as the instantly recognizable voice behind several well known products ranging from Nico Nico Doga, Asahi beer ,KFC, Circle K , Volvic, Toyota and Coca Cola, as well as projects such as Konamis game series Beatmania IIDX, Sega "Racer", Capcoms "Biohazard" MTV Japan's animation MTV series "The World Of Golden Eggs", and Victor entertainments "Gungrave" anime movie "Cowboy Bebop".

Ramayya's projects such as the Indian influenced folk rock band The Beautiful Losers have had song placements on several of MTV America's reality shows such as Pimp my ride and Two A Daze as well as having opening slots for acts such as The Indigo Girls, Matt Nathanson and Coldplay. In Japan The Beautiful Losers have had song placements for the TV series Deep Love as well as Japan Travel Bureau, NTT Docomo and The Animal Channel.

Ramayya's recent activities include arrangements and singing for Disney classic song mobile contents including a remake of "Alice in Wonderland". Collaborations with Japanese DJ Yoichiro Itoh AKA Akakage for Universal Music and co-songwriting/singing for NHK's children's animated TV series Little Charo, performances for The Apple store Japan and a nationwide concert series for Starbucks featuring songs from The Beautiful Losers www.reverbnation.com/thebeautifullosers.

Ramayya is on the iTunes charts in Japan as a featured co-writer/vocalist for the Japanese Deep House Music act Studio Apartment http://www.studioapartment.jp who have remixed for the likes of Black Eyes Peas. "Strawberry Rainbow" is the charting single.

Ramayya's recent credits include 4 top 20 songs on Billboard with a #1 iTunes dance chart hit ,4 award winning scores for movies featured on The History Channel,Discovery,MTV, Vision, CBS and NBC and screening and Cannes, Sundance, Mumbai Film Festival among others.



  • The Millenium Hits on TV: "Time To Go" (NTT Docomo Winter Campaign) (2000)
  • Strange Dawn (2002) - Jorg
  • TV Series Soundtrack: 48hrs Japan (2003)
  • Anime Movie Soundtrack: Wolfs Rain (2003)
  • Documentary Soundtrack: Cosmic Current- CBC (2004)
  • Movie Soundtrack Cowboy Bebop "Tank The Best" (2004)
  • MTV Japan- The World of Golden Eggs theme song (2005)
  • TV series- Eigoryan!- NHK Japan (2006)
  • Documentary Soundtrack-Mad Cow,Sacred Cow-CBC (2008)
  • MTV- The World of Golden Eggs theme song (2008)
  • Soundtrack- "Landings" SCN/CBC (2009)
  • Captain Funk album: Sunshine-Model Electronic (2009)
  • Little Charo 2 (2010) - Duma
  • Yoichiro Itoh AKA Akakage - I'm Your Clown- Universal Japan (2010)


Video Games[edit]

  • Game Soundtrack-Guitar Freaks 6th Mix-Konami Entertainment/Playstation (2001)
  • Game Soundtrack- Drummania 5th Mix-Konami Entertainment/Playstation (2001)
  • Shenmue II (2002) - Additional Voices
  • Steel Battalion (2002) - Additional Voices
  • Game Soundtrack-Gungrave (2003)
  • Resident Evil: Dead Aim (2003) - Bruce McGivern
  • Bloody Roar 4 (2003) - Bakuryū
  • Game Soundtrack-Good Cool-Ultra Expander-Konami (2005)
  • Game Soundtrack-'Racer"-Sega (2006)


Raj Ramayya in concert at Otakuthon 2014 in Montreal, Canada
  • CAPTAIN FUNK - Songs of the Siren (2000)
  • Jazz Com Bossa - Omnibus (2000)
  • Movie Soundtrack-Chin Chiro Mai (2000)
  • Movie Soundtrack-Cowboy Bebop- "Knocking On Heavens Door" (2001)
  • Movie Soundtrack- Tonari No Hito-Director Alec Macauley (2002)
  • Bobby Sue And Skinny Jim - Guitarfreaks & Drummania Best Tracks (2003)
  • Reggae Classics Album-Avex Trax (2003)
  • Group Sounds Compilation Album-Avex Trax (2003)
  • The Beautiful Losers album- Eponymous (2003)
  • The Beautiful Losers - "Peace,Love and X-mas" (2005)
  • Sony Music website theme-Sony Music (2006)
  • Move Me - V-Rare Soundtrack 14 - Beatmania IIDX 11 -IIDX Red (2006)
  • Bhang Lassi album-"Real Refresher"- Dynastic Records (2006)
  • Make Me Your Own - BeatmaniaIIDX14 Gold Original Soundtrack (2007)
  • City Lights album- Flower Records (2007)
  • Captain Funk-Heavy Metal- Model Electronic (2007)
  • Captain Funk -Heavy Mellow- Model Electronic (2007)
  • Akakage Album-"Come Down To My Place" (2008)
  • Disney Mobile contents- "Alice In Wonderland","Chim Chiminee","The Circle Of Life" (2008)
  • Make Me Your Own - Beatmania IIDX -Super Best Box- Vol.2 (2009)
  • Make Me Your Own - DJ Hico - Meets Beatmania IIDX - Nonstop Mix By DJ Hico (2010)
  • The Beautiful Losers Album- Four Corners Of A Tiny Planet"- Strawberry Hill Music (2010)


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