Raj Singh I

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Raj Singh I
Rana of Mewar
Raja Ravi Varma, Maharana Raj Singh - I.jpg
Raj Singh I
Maharana of Mewar
PredecessorJagat Singh I
SuccessorJai Singh
Born(1629-09-24)24 September 1629
Died22 October 1680(1680-10-22) (aged 51)
IssueJai Singh
FatherJagat Singh I

Raj Singh I (24 September 1629 – 22 October 1680), was the Maharana of Mewar Kingdom (r. 1652–1680). Rana Raj singh was the maternal uncle of Ajit Singh of Marwar. Raj Singh opposed Aurangzeb multiple times, once to save a princess from the Mughals and once by denouncing the Jizya tax levied by Aurangzeb. Rana Raj Singh is also known for giving protection to the Shrinathji idol of Mathura, he placed it in Nathdwara. No other Hindu ruler was ready to take the image in his kingdom as it would mean to oppose the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, who was destroying temples all around India.[1]

The Rana gave aid to Durgadas Rathore during the Rathore rebellion and fought many battles with Aurangzeb, he was eventually poisoned by his own chiefs who were bribed by the Mughal Emperor.[2] He was a son of Maharana Jagat Singh I.


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