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Highest point
Elevation 1,281 m (4,203 ft) [1]
Listing Ribu
Coordinates 05°47′00″S 105°37′30″E / 5.78333°S 105.62500°E / -5.78333; 105.62500Coordinates: 05°47′00″S 105°37′30″E / 5.78333°S 105.62500°E / -5.78333; 105.62500
Location Sumatra, Indonesia
Mountain type stratovolcano
Last eruption Unknown

Rajabasa is an isolated 1281-m-high conical volcano along the Sunda Strait located at the most South-Eastern point of Sumatra. It has a well-preserved 500 x 700 m summit crater with a swampy floor. The volcano is covered with vegetation. Although fumarolic activity occurs on the foot and flanks of the volcano and increased activity was reported in April 1863 and May 1892, it is not known when it last erupted.

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