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Rajacenna van Dam

Known forAmbidextrous hyperrealistic pencil drawings

Rajacenna van Dam, who works under the name Rajacenna, is a Dutch hyper realistic pencil drawing artist.[1]

As an actor, she played Remco's daughter for two episodes of the Dutch program Ernstige delicten [nl] (later called Serious Crimes)[2][3] and worked as a model and a TV host.[4] She began as a presenter of the first Dutch Web TV for children when she was 12 years.[5]

When Rajacenna was 16 years old, she took up pencil drawing seriously, inspired by an Italian street artist.[6][7] After three months her work was published in the art book Amazing Pencil Portraits 2. In 2012, she was published again in Amazing Pencil Portraits 3.

She was awarded by CosmoGirl "Born to Lead award"[8] and she was awarded as one of the 400 most influential women in the Netherlands according to Viva magazine.[9]

In May 2015, she worked with the band Owl City singer-songwriter Adam Young, for whom she made a promotional drawing and a time lapse video of the cover art of his album, Mobile Orchestra.[10]


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