Sri Rajadhi Rajasinha of Kandy

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Rajadhi Rajasinha
King of Kandy
Sri Rajadhi Raja Sinha, King of Kandy, on his throne.jpg
Sri Rajadhi Raja Sinha
Reign 2 January 1782 – 26 July 1798
Coronation 1782
Predecessor Kirti Sri Rajasinha
Successor Sri Vikrama Rajasinha
Died 26 July 1798
Sri Lanka
Burial Sri Lanka
Spouse Queen Upendramma
Issue None
House Nayaks of Kandy

Sri Rajadhi Rajasinha (reigned 1782–1798) was a member of the Madurai royal family and succeeded his brother, Kirti Sri Rajasinha as King of Kandy in 1782.

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Sri Rajadhi Rajasinha of Kandy
Born: ? ? Died: 26 July 1798
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Kirti Sri Rajasinha
King of Kandy
2 January 1782–26 July 1798
Succeeded by
Sri Vikrama Rajasinha