Rajah Lontok

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Rajah Lontok

Rajah (King) of Tondo and

Prince of Brunei
Reign 1430–1450
Predecessor Rajah Gambang
Successor Dayang Kalangitan
Spouse Dayang Kalangitan

Dayang Panginoon
Dayang Lahat
Rajah Sulaiman I

Gat Kahiya
House Kingdom of Tondo and Sultanate of Brunei
Father Sultan Bolkiah
Mother Dayang Maylag

Rajah Lontok (r. 1430–50) was the husband and co-ruler of Dayang Kalangitan of the Kingdom of Tondo. During his reign, Tondo had many achievements and became more powerful; his reign also saw the enlargement of the state's territory.

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Rajah Gambang
King of Tondo and Maynila
Succeeded by
Dayang Kalangitan