Rajah Lontok

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In this Philippine name for indigenous people, this person is addressed by the sole name, Lontok.
Rajah Lontok
Rajah (King) of Tondo
Prince of Brunei
Reign 1430–1450
Predecessor Rajah Gambang
Successor Dayang Kalangitan
Spouse Dayang Kalangitan

Dayang Panginoon
Dayang Lahat
Rajah Sulaiman I

Gat Kahiya
House Kingdom of Tondo and Sultanate of Brunei
Father Sultan Bolkiah
Mother Dayang Maylag

Rajah Lontok (r. 1430–50) was the husband and co-regent of Dayang Kalangitan of the Kingdom of Tondo. During his reign, Tondo had many achievements and became more powerful; his reign also saw the enlargement of the state's territory.

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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Rajah Gambang
King of Tondo and Maynila
Succeeded by
Dayang Kalangitan