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راجن پور
Country Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Rajanpur District
Foundation of Old City 1770s
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
 • Summer (DST) +6 (UTC)
Postal code 33500
Dialling code 604[1]
Acronym RJP
Demonym Rajanpuri
Website http://www.tmarajanpur.com/

Rajanpur (Urdu: راجن پُور‎), is a city and the headquarters of Rajanpur District in the far southwestern part of Punjab, Pakistan. The district lies entirely west of the Indus River. it is a narrow, 32 kilometres (20 mi) to 64 kilometres (40 mi) wide strip of land sandwiched between the Indus River on the east and the Sulaiman Mountains on the west. It had a population of 42,986 in 1998.[2]


Inhabitants of Rajan pur District speak a great variety of Punjabi dialects, although few of these dialects are claimed as separate language “Saraiki”, but because of good and loving nature of people there is no distinction or hate among different Punjabi dialects namely Derawali , Majhi or standard, Raangri and Riasti. Urdu being national language is spoken and understood by the sizeable population.[3] [4]


Coordinates: 29°06′12″N 70°19′30″E / 29.10333°N 70.32500°E / 29.10333; 70.32500