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راجن پور
Gateway of Rajanpur's Harand Fort
Gateway of Rajanpur's Harand Fort
Rajanpur is located in Punjab, Pakistan
Location in Pakistan
Rajanpur is located in Pakistan
Rajanpur (Pakistan)
Coordinates: 29°6′15″N 70°19′29″E / 29.10417°N 70.32472°E / 29.10417; 70.32472Coordinates: 29°6′15″N 70°19′29″E / 29.10417°N 70.32472°E / 29.10417; 70.32472
DistrictRajanpur District
Foundation of Old City1770s
 • TypeMunicipal Committee
 • ChairmanKunawar Kamal Akhtar
 • Vice ChairmanCh. Naeem Saqib Advocate
 • Chief OfficerSyed Masood-ur-Rauf Ahmad Rizvi Qazi
 • Municipal Officer (Finance)Muhammad Akram Bari
 • Computer SectionAbdullah Hussain Dreshak
Time zoneUTC+5 (PST)
 • Summer (DST)+6
Postal code
Dialling code604[2]
Highways N-55

Rajanpur (Urdu: راجن پُور‎), is a city and the headquarters of Rajanpur District in the far southwestern part of Punjab, Pakistan. The district lies entirely west of the Indus River. it is a narrow, 32 kilometres (20 mi) to 64 kilometres (40 mi) wide strip of land sandwiched between the Indus River on the east and the Sulaiman Mountains on the west. It had a population of 42,986 in 1998.[3]

Rajanpur was founded in 1732-33 by Makhdoom Sheikh Rajan Shah,[4][5] from whom the city's name derives.[6] Sheikh Rajan established Rajanpur in an area that he had captured from Nahar tribesmen.[4] The settlement remained a largely unimportant village until flooding in 1862 severely damaged the nearby district headquarters at Mithankot - leading to the transfer of government offices to Rajanpur.[4] A small dispensary clinic was established in Rajanpur that same year.[7] Rajanpur was then constituted as a municipality in 1873.[4]


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