Rajaram I

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Rajaram I (13 April 1850 – 30 November 1870) of the Bhonsle dynasty, was a Raja of Kolhapur from 17 August 1866 to 30 November 1870. During his reign, the gun salute of the state was increased from 17 to 19 guns. The first of his line to travel abroad, he died aged 20 in Florence, Italy and was cremated on the banks of the Arno River by special permission granted by the Italian Council of Ministers. He was succeeded by Shivaji IV.


Rajaram I
Bhonsle dynasty (Kolhapur line)
Born: 13 April 1850 Died: 30 November 1870
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Shivaji III
(as Raja of Kolhapur)
Raja of Kolhapur
Succeeded by
Shivaji IV