Rajarata Rifles

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National Service Regiment
Active 1954–1983
Country Sri Lanka
Branch Sri Lanka Army
Role Infantry
Engagements 1971 JVP Insurrection

The Rajarata Rifles was a former rifle regiment of the Sri Lanka Army. Raised along with Ruhunu Regiment, it was one of only three geographically based regiments in the Sri Lanka army. The cap badge of the Raja Rata Rifles show the figure of a Bherunda Pakshiya (Double-headed eagle).

The regiment saw action in the 1971 JVP Insurrection. In 1983, following a mutiny the regiment was disbanded with the its remianing officers and men amalgamated with the 1st Battalion of the Vijayabahu Infantry Regiment in 1983 to form the Gajaba Regiment.

Notable members[edit]