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Dhamni Rajauli
Dhamni Rajauli is located in Bihar
Dhamni Rajauli
Dhamni Rajauli
Location in Bihar, India
Coordinates: 24°39′0″N 85°30′0″E / 24.65000°N 85.50000°E / 24.65000; 85.50000Coordinates: 24°39′0″N 85°30′0″E / 24.65000°N 85.50000°E / 24.65000; 85.50000
Country  India
State Bihar
District Nawada
Elevation 135 m (443 ft)
 • Official Magahi, Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 805125
Telephone code 06336
Nearest city nawada, jhumari tilaiya, Gaya
Literacy 68%[1]
Lok Sabha constituency Nawada
Avg. summer temperature 32 °C (90 °F)
Avg. winter temperature 19 °C (66 °F)

Rajauli is a subdivision in Nawada district of Bihar state, India.


It is situated besides the river Dhanarjay nadi, on National Highway 31. It is 28.1 km far from district city Nawada. It is located 144 km distance from Bihar's capital Patna. It is a sub-division which touche Jharkhand. It is located at an elevation of 135 m above MSL.Mainly surrounded by smallheight and mid range mountains namely 'Lomash Rishi & Shringi Rishi 'Parvat.



This is the oldest bridge which is connect to outer part of Rajauli, like Simarcol, Amama, Pasraila, Targeer. Nowadays bridge is suffer form last stage.

This place has been named after legendary demon king "RAJA BALI" he was one of the most famous donors. If you remember the "vaman avtar" of lord Vishnu, then bali was the one for whom lord had to come on Earth to break his pride of being the biggest donator of the world. It is said that Rajauli is the place where this legendary king has meditated for years. Rajauli has one more significance because of Sikh religion and you can find a huge fort type building in the center of the town that building is called ‘sangat’ having meaning of "a body of men and women who meet religiously specially in presence of ‘Guru Granth Sahib’". At this place, a famous fair of GuruPurab is organized. Several kinds of activities take place in this fair and people come in huge numbers.


Nearest railway station is Nawada and nearest airport is Gaya Airport.


Rajauli offers easy connectivity to major towns and cities of the region. Since it is on a major national highway buses are easily available from Patna, Gaya, Ranchi.Most buses going on this route generally stop at Rajauli or at Chhapra (before the Dhanarjay river) for food.

Small vehicles[edit]

Local people from nearby villages come to rajauli using their bicycles,bikes and jharjhariya[ - a typically local vechle made by combining rikshaw, bike and dynamo],passenger cars and tractors.


Temple near purani buas stand.
This is most popular hill station.
People visit kakolat by this way.

Rajauli was once abode to monsoon and prairie forest. The principal trees were sakhua, paisar, khair, Shisham, parmi, salaiya simar, kendu, and Peepal. The forest and wild life have almost completely disappeared now.


Mainly Hindu and Islam followers live in Rajauli peacefully conserving it's culture.[original research?] Main festivals celebrated here are Diwali, Durgapuja, Moharram, Eid,Holi, Chhath,Basant Panchmi,Ramzan,Bakrid,Shivratri,Jitiya, Bhatridutiya.The Hindu women celebrate Chhath, Tij, Jitiya, and Bhatridutiya etc. with great religious fervor. The important festivals of Adivasis are Sarhul and Karma which they celebrate with great éclat. Here like oyher Magadh region plants and animals are joined with culture.

Religious places[edit]

People go to pray in temples and mosque. There are few temples namely Bajrangbali temple, Devi Mandap(in Bazar),Shivalaya,Manokamna dham,Bajrangbali temple(purani bus stand) and some other small temples.


Hindi is the principle language of this region. However other than that, people in different areas follow different dialects. Magahi is one of the prime dialect/language spoken in the area.

Tourist places[edit]

Haldiya hill (Phulwaria dam)[edit]

Haldiya is a small hill, just 10 minutes away from Rajauli. It has a dam (Phulwaria dam) as well as hills with caves. It is believed that if you strike with a wooden rod on the rocks of these hills, a pleasant sound of metals can be heard.[citation needed]


The Kakolat waterfall has great historical and mythological significance. The waterfall is located near Govindpur police station, about 33 km away from Rajauli on Kakolat Hill. Below the falls there is a deep natural reservoir.The fall is approximately 160 feet (49 m) in height. The scene is panoramic due to all-round green forest area. Kakolat Fall is a popular tourist spot in Bihar.During the summer, people from all over India come to the falls for picnics.


A palatial architectural monument believed to belong to Sikh religion. One can find this type of monument in whole Magadh area scattered in different historic places like Akbarpur, Hisua etc.


A magnificent temple located near Dhanarjay River.

Education Institutes[edit]

  • Maa Mathurasini Mahavidyalaya, Rajauli
  • Rajauli Inter Vidyalaya, Rajauli
  • Project Kanya Uccha Vidhyalala, Rajauli
  • Rajkiye Kanya Madhya Vidhyalaya, Rajauli
  • Rajkiye Uccha Vidhyalaya, Rajauli
  • Saptrashi Degree College, Rajauli
  • Saraswati Shishu/vidya Mandir, Rajauli
  • Dayanand Anglo vidyalaya (DAV), Rajauli
  • South city international public school, Rajauli
  • Brilliant Public School, Rajauli
  • Tara Memorial Residential school, Rajauli
  • Superfast competition centre, Rajauli
  • Rajeev gandhi computer saksharta mission,Rajauli



Accumulation of rain or flood water over a considerable part of the district makes the land fit for Paddy cultivation. Principle crops are paddy, wheat, gram, maze, arhar, khesari, peas, sugarcane, potatoes, chillies, and mung.Rice is the important crop of Rajauli. Aghani or Winter Rice is usually cultivated on low-land,


Almost half of people of Rajauli are engaged in small and medium business. One of the major business at Rajauli is sale and purchase of Agricultural Produce. Most people of Rajauli bazzar have shops of Cloths, Kirana, Manihari, Medicines, local furniture. Some brands like HERO, Honda, Duke, Mahindra, BAZAZ, Uninor, Idea, Airtel have authorised dealers at Rajauli town. Weekly Friday Hat at Bajrangbali chowk(Purani Bus Stand) attracts people for selling their products, which is visited peoples of local villages surrounding Rajauli and other Sub-divisions.There is also few mills including one rice mill namely NAVDURGA AGROTECH PVT.(LTD.) which processess raw rice and exports to other states.