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রংপুরী, কোচ-ৰাজবংশী, দেশী
Rajbongshi Rangpuri Kamatapuri.png
Rajbongshi, Rangpuri, Kamatapuri in Bengali
Koch Rajbongshi in Assamese
Rajbanshi in Devanagari
Native toBangladesh, India
RegionNorth Bengal, Lower Assam
EthnicityRajbongshi, Bengali, Deshi, Nashya-Sheikh, Rangpuri
Native speakers
15 million (2007)[1]
Bengali-Assamese script,[2] Devanagari script
Official status
Official language in
Language codes
ISO 639-3rkt

Rangpuri is an eastern Indo-Aryan language of the Bengali-Assamese branch, spoken by the people of northern West Bengal, western Goalpara of Assam in India and Rangpur Division in Bangladesh.[4] Many are bilingual in Bengali and Assamese in their respective regions. According to Glottolog, it forms the Central-Eastern Kamta group with the Kamta language. Together with Rajbanshi and Surjapuri they form the Kamta group of languages.


Rangpuri goes by numerous names, the most common being Bahe;[4] though Deshi bhasha and Anchalit bhasha is also used.[5]

Comparison with related languages[edit]

English Kamarupi Rarhi Vangiya
Kamtapuri Assamese Bengali Sylheti
I do Muĩ korong Moe korü̃/korönɡ Ami kori Mui/Ami xorí
I am doing Muĩ korir dhorichung Moe kori asü̃/asöng Ami korchhi Mui/Ami xoriar/xorram
I did Muĩ korisong Moe korisü̃/korisöng Ami korechhi Mui/Ami xor(i)si
I did (perfective) Muĩ korilung Moe korilü̃/korilöng Ami kôrlam Mui/Ami xorlam
I did (distant) Muĩ korisilung Moe korisilü̃/korisilong Ami korechhilam Mui/Ami xors(i)lam
I was doing Muĩ koria asilung Moe kori asilü̃/asilöng Ami korchhilam Mui/Ami xorat aslam
I will do Muĩ korim Moe korim Ami korbo Mui/Ami xormu
I will be doing Muĩ koria thakim Moe kori thakim Ami korte thakbo Mui/Ami xorat táxmu


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