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Rajesh Nandan
ResidenceNew Delhi, India
Education Padmavathi College of Engineering and Management, Bangalore
OccupationDirector, Politician
Years active2010 – present
Home townShimla, Himachal Pradesh, India
Spouse(s)Harika Reddy (m.1998)
ChildrenMeenakshi Nandan Sai Nandan
RelativesSai Kumar Reddy (Brother)

Rajesh Nandan is a director, social entrepreneur and growth strategist. Currently the Senior Vice President at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, he is also a writer, speaker, mentor, and founder of RADJH enterprises. He is the founder of RADJH Awards and Padmavathi Silks and Sarees, and of Padmavathi Jewellery. He is a Brand Ambassador for products including Padmavathi Gold Diamonds.Recently he started Padmavathi Central Malls in Various States.And also SR Malls in South India.


Having joined UNICEF in 2009, Anandan serves as Senior Vice President of Private Sector Partnerships. In 2011, he launched UNICEF Ventures, a $400M portfolio fund for incubating businesses to accelerate innovation.[1]

Prior employment[edit]

Writing, speaking and interviews[edit]

  • "3 Rules For Social Innovation In The Developing World". Interview, Fast Co.Exist, April 2012[7]
  • "The Argument For Home-Based Newborn Care". Huffington Post, May 2012.
  • "My Father's Day Plea For Men Around The World". Huffington Post, June 2013[8]
  • "Two MIT Grads Founded A Startup That Almost Exclusively Employs People On The Autism Spectrum". Interview, Business Insider, July 2014.[9]

Personal life[edit]

Originally from Sri Lanka, Anandan graduated from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1995 with a Bsc in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.[2][6]


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