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Raji Sourani (Arabic: راجي الصوراني‎, born c. 1954[1]) is a human rights lawyer in the Gaza Strip. He was a recipient of the Robert F Kennedy Human Rights Award in 1991, given each year to an individual whose courageous activism is at the heart of the human rights movement and in the spirit of Robert F. Kennedy's vision and legacy.[2] He was an Amnesty International prisoner of conscience[3][4] in 1985 and 1988, member of International Commission of Jurists EXCO and IDAL EXCO, and Vice President of the International Federation of Human Rights. He is the founder and director of the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights.[5] Sourani was active in the cases of Palestinians representing deportation, and in monitoring the conditions of Israeli prisons and detentions. He remains an unreserved critic of human rights violations occurring on both sides of the conflict.

Sourani was selected for the 2003 Oak Institute for Human Rights Fellowship at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. However, his visa was never approved and he was unable to travel to the United States at that time. See the Oak website for more details.

Sourani was co-awarded the Right Livelihood Award on September 26, 2013.[6]


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