Rajinder Manchanda Bani

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Rajinder Manchanda Bani
Born Multan
Died Delhi
Nationality Indian
Occupation School-teacher
Known for Poetry
Notable work Harf e Moetbar, Hisab e Rang, Shafaq e Shajjar

Rajinder Manchanda Bani (1932-1981) was an Indian poet. He was born at Multan in 1932. His family migrated to Delhi in 1947 where he died in 1981. He was a Master of Arts in Economics from Punjab University, and a school- teacher. Harf e Moetbar (1972), Hisab e Rang (1976) & Shafaq e Shajjar are his three collections of poems. He was a poet of neo-classical ghazal who did not use conventional imagery and was original in style; he was an effective user of Hindi diction. He was a physically weak person who did not maintain good health throughout his life-time but possessed a sturdy mind; he lived for 49 years.[1][2][3]


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