Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University

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Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University
National Aviation University, Fursatganj, UP, India.jpg
Type Public
Endowment Rs. 200+ Crores
Location Amethi district, Uttar Pradesh, India
26°15′04″N 81°22′32″E / 26.25118°N 81.3755827°E / 26.25118; 81.3755827Coordinates: 26°15′04″N 81°22′32″E / 26.25118°N 81.3755827°E / 26.25118; 81.3755827
Website http://rgnau.ac.in/

Rajiv Gandhi National Aviation University (RGNAU) is an autonomous public central university located in the Fursatganj Airfield, Amethi district, Uttar Pradesh.[1][2]

It is a specialized institution and comes directly under the Government of India. It will be financed primarily by Ministry of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Science and Technology, and collaboration with International Aerospace and Aviation organizations .[3][4]


The RGNAU being a specialized agency institute will participate in formulation of Indian aerospace and aviation policies also including military/strategic discussions, defense/armed aerospace technology and Space program. [5]

It is on full-terms with IITs (i.e. Institute of National Importance) and at par with Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology by ISRO. [6]

It mainly aims to facilitate and promote aviation studies, training, research and extension work with focus on emerging areas of studies such as aviation management, aviation regulation and policy, aviation history, aviation science and engineering, aviation law, aviation safety and security, aviation medicine, search and rescue, transportation of dangerous goods, environmental studies and other related fields.[7][8] The students will be internationally exposed in the course-study itself due to nature of the career.[9]

Courses offered[edit]

As India's first aviation university,[citation needed] the university will commence training of aerospace/rocket engineers, aspiring pilots, Aircraft Maintenance Technicians/engineers and cabin/ground crew. All flying schools in India are expected to become affiliated and supervised by the university, which would thus acting as an apex for Aviation education. [10]

Integrated Aerospace Development Program[edit]

Some pioneer engineering institutes have collaborated for advancements in aviation and Aerospace engineering.[11]

The educational degree will mutually include the name and insignia of all the participating institutes thus making it internationally reputable and honorable.


Admission process is very stringent, depends on several factors including aptitude, intellect, personality and prospects of the student. The selected students are from amongst a group having qualified at-least one of the required admission tests like JEE-Mains/Advanced, and even SATs. The students have been provided residential services in secondary campus of RGIPT at Ratapur, Raebareli. The educational program will require for transition in between college departments/campuses on an annual basis.


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