Rajkumar (1964 film)

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Rajkumar (1964).jpg
DVD cover
Directed by K. Shankar
Starring Prithviraj Kapoor
Shammi Kapoor
Sadhana Shivdasani
Om Prakash
Music by Shankar Jaikishan
Release dates
Country India
Language Hindi

Rajkumar is a 1964 Hindi film directed by K. Shankar. The film stars Shammi Kapoor, Sadhana Shivdasani, Pran, Prithviraj Kapoor, Om Prakash and Rajindernath. The music is by Shankar Jaikishan. The film became a box office hit.[1]


The Maharaja is eager to see his foreign-returned son, Bhanu Pratap, who will eventually take over the reign of the region. When he finally gets to see his son, he is shocked to see that the crown prince is in fact a "clown" prince. He openly shows his disgust and disappointment, and decides to continue to rule. Bhanu Pratap and his friend, Kapil, decide to dress incognito and mingle with the general public and find out if there is anyone conspiring to dethrone the king. What they find out will change their lives, and endanger the lives of their loved ones as well.

Finally Pran takes over the reign of the kingdom and forces the king and queen into imprisonment, and also to order their son to die. At the this moment Rani Sangeeta comes in and aims the arrow to shoot Rajkumar. When Pran suddenly removes his disguise she starts to cry and drops the bow and arrow and questions him as to why he would kill her father. Pran begins to provoke Rani Sangeeta to shoot all, while the king and queen helplessly watch. Suddenly the public breaks in and breaks free the king and queen. The public disarms the sepoys as well. Rajkumar breaks his chains and starts to fight. A sword fight ensues between Pran and Rajkumar; Rajkumar wins. Finally Sangeeta shoots him with an arrow, leading to his death. Rajkumar falls to his father's feet and begs forgiveness. The king hands over the kingdom to his son and Sangeeta is married to Rajkumar. Thus they live happily ever after.


# Title Singer(s)
1 "Aaja Aai Bahar" Lata Mangeshkar
2 "Tumne Pukara Aur Hum Chale Aaye" Mohammed Rafi, Suman Kalyanpur
3 "Nach Re Man Badkamma" Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle
4 "Dilruba Dil Pe Tu" Mohammed Rafi, Asha Bhosle
5 "Tumne His Ki Jaan Ko" Mohammed Rafi
6 "Is Rang Badalti Duniya Mein" Mohammed Rafi
7 "Hum Hain Rajkumar" Mohammed Rafi


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