Rakesh Yankaran

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Rakesh Yankaran
Also known as The Raja
Born British Trinidad and Tobago
Genres Chutney, Indian classical music, Bhajan, and Kirtan
Instruments Harmonium, Dholak, Tabla, Dhantal
Years active 1974-present
Labels Praimsingh Productions
Associated acts Rasika Dindial, Ravi B, Raymond Ramnarine

Rakesh Yankaran, nicknamed "The Raja"[1] is an award-winning Indo-Trinidadian chutney musician.[2] He is the son of Indian classical musician, Isaac Yankarran and brother of chutney musicians the late Anand Yankarran and Sharm Yankarran.[3] His grandfather came from the present-day state of Andhra Pradesh in India to Trinidad and Tobago during the indentured labour times. He is a self-taught musician. As a child young Rakesh loved to listen to his father sing. As a teen he started to play music himself. Today he is a professional chutney artist. He can play the Indian instruments tabla, dholak, harmunium, dhantal, and the tassa drum.

Yankaran began his career in 1974, but first gained national acclaim in 1991 with Dadiyya Moday Lay Lay. Other hits include Mousie, Dulahin Chale Sasural and Naroro Ray. He won the National Chutney Monarch competition in 1996 and 1997[1] and 2008,[4] and the National Traditional Chutney Monarch in 2008.[1] His family is of Telugu Indian descent.[5]


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