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Rakestreet (Irish: Sráid an Ráca, meaning "rake-street") is an area located 3 km (1.9 mi) southwest of Crossmolina in County Mayo, Ireland.

Rakestreet was not an official name given to the area in Kilmurry, but a nickname given to the area due to the high jinks that happened at its fairs. It was officially put on the Irish maps in the early 1970s. The name is now official.

It was famous for its fairs held until the 1950s. There is also the case of Murder in Rakestreet, although in reality it was a case of manslaughter at a fair. The guilty party was deported to Tasmania.

The shop in Rakestreet has been in existence since the 1800s and has been owned by the one family since 1947. The original shop building is now surrounded by newer buildings all from different decades; the low shop front is the original building.

The sports day in Rakestreet were also a great source of entertainment.

Killmurry Graveyard is located near the village.

It is serviced by Richmond national School, St. Teirnans College and Gortnor Abbey convent school.

Secondary School, both in Crossmolina.

The village contains a shop, a pub and a feed store. Rakestreet could be the shortest street in Ireland, considering it only is the length of the Bar currently on the site,

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Coordinates: 54°04′25″N 9°21′00″W / 54.07361°N 9.35000°W / 54.07361; -9.35000