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The Rakhine are a small community of Bangladesh. The Rakhine community inhabiting in the coastal areas of Patuakhali, Borguna and Cox's Bazaar migrated to Bangladesh from Myanmar. Originally, they are Rakhine nationality (also known as Arakanese) from the Rakhine State or Arakan which is now part of Myanmar. Total population of Arakanese (Rakhine) is 2,346,000. Among them, 207,000 are residing in Bangladesh.

The Rakhines by Mustafa Majid[edit]

Mustafa Majid is an eminent researcher of Bangladesh who has intensively worked on the origin, life-style and social customs of the Rakhines for over twenty years. His Ph. D. thesis has been published under the title The Rakhines. The book has seven chapters in which the author deals with theories of administration, identities of the Rakhaines and a chronicle of Patuakhali district, the anthropological identity of the Rakhines and their problems with land.


Mustafa Majid, The Rakhaines, Mawla Brothers, Dhaka.

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