Rakovica, Croatia

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Rakovica, Croatia is located in Croatia
Rakovica, Croatia
Location of Rakovica in Croatia
Image of Rakovica municipality within Karlovac County
Killings of Rakovica. Death of Eugen Kvaternik.

Rakovica is a village in south-central Croatia, in the region of Kordun south of Karlovac and Slunj, and north of the Plitvice Lakes. The total municipality population is 2,623 (2001), while the village itself has 356 residents. According to that census, 91% (2387) are Croats and 3,58% (94) are Serbs. Due to proximity of Plitvice lakes one of the main fields of income is tourism. One of its sights are the Caves of Barać which were reopened for visitors in 2004.

Rakovica achieved some prominence in Croatian history in October 1871, when several members of the Croatian Party of Rights led by Eugen Kvaternik disavowed the official party position advocating a political solution to the issue of Croatia within the Habsburg Monarchy and instead launched a revolt in the village.

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Coordinates: 45°01′N 15°39′E / 45.017°N 15.650°E / 45.017; 15.650