Rakuno Gakuen University

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Rakuno Gakuen University

Rakuno Gakuen University (酪農学園大学, Rakunō gakuen daigaku) is a private university in Ebetsu, Hokkaido, Japan, established in 1960. Its name, Rakunō (酪農, lit. ‘dairy agriculture’), refers to the university's predecessor, a public school teaching dairy farming that was founded in 1933. Its specializations remain agriculture and veterinary medicine to this day. Gakuen (学園) means simply "school" (of any level), being part of its former names.

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Coordinates: 43°4′24.4″N 141°30′46.7″E / 43.073444°N 141.512972°E / 43.073444; 141.512972