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Rakytov, Veľká Fatra (SVK) - southern side.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 1,567 m (5,141 ft)
Coordinates 48°57′38″N 19°10′46″E / 48.96056°N 19.17944°E / 48.96056; 19.17944Coordinates: 48°57′38″N 19°10′46″E / 48.96056°N 19.17944°E / 48.96056; 19.17944
Rakytov is located in Slovakia
Location in Slovakia
Location Ružomberok, Žilina, Slovakia
Parent range Greater Fatra

Rakytov is a mountain in the Liptov Ridge (Slovak: Liptovský hrebeň) of the Greater Fatra Range in Slovakia measuring 1,567 m (5,141.1 ft). It has a regular pyramidal shape; the top of the mountain is deforested, in places with secondary Mountain Pine.

It is considered one of the best viewpoints in Slovakia as when there's good weather most Slovakian mountains can be seen from the summit. There is a wooden cross on the summit. Rakytov is reachable by a green-marked track from Ružomberok (which continues to Ploská Mountain) and by a yellow-marked track from Teplá Valley (starting at Liptovské Revúce). In the southern saddle there is a notable rock "gate".


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