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The Raleigh Burner is a BMX bicycle first launched in early 1982 by the Raleigh Bicycle Company. The name continued to 1988 and was brought back in early 2000s, although it has been nowhere near as successful sales wise as the 1980s item.


The Raleigh Burner range was split into Six different frames:

  • Mk1 Burner
  • MK1 Pro Burner
  • Mk2 Burner
  • MK2 Aero Pro Burner
  • Team Frame

Mk1 Burner[edit]

This can be identified by the loop tail frame and gusset with two holes in it.

Mk1.2 Burner - AKA Model B[edit]

These Burners still had round tubing but several key features changed, among them: Plastic pedals replaced the original metal "rat-traps", Rubber grips with two-tone coloring replaced the foam ones, and tubing was deemed Carbospec 23 with stickers in key locations such as the fork, replacing the regular Raleigh logo with "Competition 23" etc.

Mk2 Burner[edit]

This has an oval profile rather than round as per Mk1.The looptail was ditched and the frame made longer.A letter 'R' was cut out in the front and rear wheel spindle drop outs.

MK3 Burner[edit]

In 2007 Raleigh started to release in limited numbers "anniversary" models, the first being a Team Aero not correct the first was a box fresh burner then the team burner. Raleigh joined forces with Burner fans to re-create what was deemed the most memorable Burner (the Aero pro burner in the Raleigh team colours). Mag burners have followed since.