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Ralf Georg Reuth (born 4 June 1952 in Oberfranken) is a German journalist and historian.[1] Reuth studied with Andreas Hillgruber and wrote his Ph.D. on the German strategy in the Mediterranean from 1940 to 1942.[1] He published several books dealing with the Nazi era, among them a biography of Joseph Goebbels in 1992 and of Hitler in 2003. Reuth also edited a multivolume selection from the diaries of Joseph Goebbels, which drew criticism notably from Bernd Sösemann.[1] He also wrote biographies of Erwin Rommel, Angela Merkel and Helmut Kohl.

Reuth's 2004 book Rommel: Das Ende einer Legende, dedicated to the topic of the Rommel myth, has started the reevaluation of Rommel's role in history.[2] The book was published in English in 2005 as Rommel: The End of a Legend.


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