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BornSeptember 6, 1949
Pitești, Romania
EducationSchool of Applied Arts, Department of Graphics, Skopje, Macedonia
Known forPainter

Rallé, also known as Master of the Town of Consuls (MTC), is an American artist whose work has most recently been shown in the Meisel Gallery[1][2] and the Bruce R. Lewin Fine Art[3] in New York City. His paintings have accompanied several articles in the magazine Omni, and appeared as covers of several books. Rallé's work has also been featured in Time Life Books,[4] Esquire, Penthouse, Gulf-Commentator, Toronto Life, Graphics Annual and American Illustration 3.[5] He published an autobiography in 2003, which won the 2004 Sappi European Printer of the Year gold award.[6][7][8]

Awards and tributes[edit]


  • Rallé- Master of the Town of Consuls (2003). The book was published by Antilope Art Books in Lier, Belgium.[11] Commentaries were provided by Marcel van Jole – founder of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Antwerp (MuHKA), Yonah Foncé – curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Antwerp (MuHKA),[12] and Michel Gaudet – both an artist and an art critic.
  • The Mind's Eye – The art of OMNI (2014). The book is published by Powerhouse books.[13] Authors: Jeremy Frommer, Rick Schwartz, and Ben Bova.
  • Our Human Herds: The Philosophy of Dual Morality and a Theory of Moral Evolution By Martin Fritz (2015)[14]
  • Foundation[15]




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