Ralli quilt

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Ralli or Rilli quilts are traditional quilts of Sindh, there are different types of ralli making in Sindh, like appliqué ralli (Tuk wari Rilli), patchwork (Tukrin/Chutkin wari Ralli), Sammi/Jogi Ralli made by Sami and Jogi communities of Sindh, which are embroidered Ralli,[1][2][3] other styles include Ghotki ralli, Mukko and other embroidery ralli etc.[4][5] All rallis are handmade by women artisans of Sindh's remote areas. The craft belongs to Sindh, Pakistan, western India, and surrounding areas.[6][7] Embroidery designs and motifs indicate perceived on painted pottery from the area's ancient civilizations. Mothers used to explain several inheritance patterns to their daughters.[8]



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