Rally Trophy

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Rally Trophy
European box art
Developer(s)Bugbear Entertainment
Publisher(s)JoWooD Productions
Director(s)Janne Alanenpää
Designer(s)Janne Alanenpää
Tatu Blomberg
Sami Räihä
Programmer(s)Tatu Blomberg
Artist(s)Mikko Kautto
Hannu Leskinen
Sami Räihä
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows
ReleaseNovember 20, 2001
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Rally Trophy is a 2001 historic PC rally simulation, created by Bugbear Entertainment and JoWood Productions for the Microsoft Windows.


Aggregate scores
Review scores

Rally Trophy received positive reviews upon its release. It holds an average of 82% and 82/100 on aggregate web sites GameRankings and Metacritic.[6][1] The Finnish gaming magazine Pelit summarized that "Rally Trophy sets the standard for all future driving games. The graphics are absolutely stunning and the lack of inspiring game modes is compensated by the sheer thrill of driving cars that behave uniquely and realistically. A must-have for all rally fans.[5]

IGN summarized that "[Rally Trophy] is a superb game that offers an unusual alternative to the more technology packed offerings like McRae and Pro Rally."[4] Several critics compared the game to Grand Prix Legends including Pelit, IGN and GameSpot.[5][4][3]

Rally Trophy was a nominee for PC Gamer US's "2002 Best Racing Game" award, which ultimately went to NASCAR Racing 2002 Season.[7]


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