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Raoul le Bon ('Ralph the Good)' (d. 4 January 1235), also known as Raoul III de Nesle, was the Count of Soissons from 1180.[1] He was the third son of Raoul II de Nesle and Gertrude de Montaigu.

In 1178 Raoul and his elder brother John subscribed to a charter of the eldest brother, Conon, then count, donating property to Notre-Dame d'Ourscamp. When Alberic de Trois-Fontaines wrote his chronicle, he could refer to count Raoul of Soissons qui adhuc vivit (who still lives). But he later records his death in 1235. In 1184 Ralph became castellan of Noyon. According to Rigord, he took the Cross alongside Henry II of England and Philip II of France at a ceremony between Trie and Gisors on 13 Jan 1188 and joined the Third Crusade.

Raoul was the fourth husband of Adèle of Dreux (b. 1145/6), daughter of Robert I of Dreux. She confirmed donations to Notre-Dame d'Ourscamp [fr] and Tremblay-en-France with him, and died between January 1205 and March 1210. Raoul was briefly married to Yolande, daughter of Geoffrey IV of Joinville, before taking as his third wife Ada d'Avesnes, widow of Henry, Count of Grandpré.

By his first wife Adele he had two daughters:

By his third wife Ada he had three children:

Upon the death of Raoul, his son John became Count of Soissons.


  1. ^ He is described in contemporary writings as comes Radulfus Suessionensis.

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