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Ralph Maltby is a golf club designer. He has designed clubs for Tommy Armour, but now designs clubs under his own labels such as Maltby, Toski, CER and Distance Master. He was also the creator of the Maltby Playability Factor.


Maltby began his career designing and engineering for golf equipment manufacturers. In 1976, Maltby founded the GolfWorks and has been manufacturing and distribution golf clubs, machines, gauges, tools, and supplies worldwide to golf club repair shops, golf professionals, manufacturers, custom clubmakers, and do-it-yourselfers. In 2006 Maltby sold the GolfWorks to Golf Galaxy.

He created the Maltby Playability Factor club rating system, through which he has tested and rated the performance of more than 1,000 golf clubs. He has published seven books, secured patents and lectured at PGA business schools.

In 1991 he was listed by Golf Digest magazine as one of the 36 most powerful men in golf.[citation needed] He is noted by The Professional Clubmakers Society as being one of the most influential designers and people in the custom fitting and golf industry.[citation needed]


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