Ralph McCreath

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Ralph McCreath
Personal information
Full name Ralph Scott McCreath
Country represented  Canada
Born (1919-04-27)April 27, 1919
Died May 2, 1997(1997-05-02) (aged 78)
Former partner Veronica Clarke
Norah McCarthy
Eleanor O'Meara
Bunty Lang
Betty Chambers
Skating club Toronto SC

Ralph Scott McCreath (April 27, 1919 – May 2, 1997) was a Canadian figure skater who competed in single skating, pair skating, ice dancing, and fours. He competed in pairs with Veronica Clarke, Norah McCarthy, Eleanor O'Meara, Bunty Lang, and Betty Chambers, and in fours with fours with Dorothy Caley, Hazel Caley, and Montgomery Wilson, winning the 1939 North American title.

McCreath started skating for the Toronto Skating Club in 1933. He was the 1940, 1941, and 1946 Canadian national champion and 1941 North American in single skating. In pairs, he won six national and two North American titles with three different partners. As an ice dancer, he competed with Veronica Clarke. They won the Tenstep gold medal and the Waltz silver medal at the 1937 Canadian Figure Skating Championships and the Fourteenstep gold medal at the 1938 Canadian Figure Skating Championships.

He served in the 48th Highlanders of Canada and the Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps during World War II.[1] After his competitive career, he became a judge, team member, and member of the Canadian Figure Skating Association. He was inducted into the Canadian Figure Skating Hall of Fame in the Athlete category in 1994.


Singles career[edit]

Event 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1946
North American Championships 3rd 3rd 1st
Canadian Championships 3rd J. 2nd J. 1st J. 3rd 2nd 2nd 1st 1st 1st
  • J = Junior level
  • McCreath did not compete between 1941 and 1946 due to World War Two.

Pairs career[edit]

(with Eleanor O'Meara)

Event 1941
North American Championships 1st
Canadian Championships 1st

(with Norah McCarthy)

Event 1939 1940
North American Championships 2nd
Canadian Championships 1st 1st

(with Veronica Clarke)

Event 1936 1937 1938
North American Championships 1st
Canadian Championships 1st 1st 1st

(with Betty Chambers)

Event 1935
Canadian Championships 1st J.
  • J = Junior level

(with Bunty Lang)

Event 1934
Canadian Championships 3rd J.
  • J = Junior level

Ice dancing career[edit]

(with Veronica Clarke)

Event 1937 1938
Canadian Championships - Fourteenstep 1st
Canadian Championships - Tenstep 1st
Canadian Championships - Waltz 2nd

Fours career[edit]

(with Dorothy Caley, Hazel Caley, and Montgomery Wilson)

Event 1939
North American Championships 1st

(with Constance Wilson-Samuel, Montgomery Wilson, and Veronica Clarke)

Event 1938
Canadian Championships 1st

(with Elizabeth Fisher, Mrs. Spencer Merry, and Hubert Sprott)

Event 1936
Canadian Championships 2nd


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