Ralph Stratford

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Ralph Stratford
Bishop of London
Church Catholic
See Diocese of London
In office 1340–1354
Predecessor Richard de Wentworth
Successor Michael Northburgh
Personal details
Born 1300
Died 17 April 1354
Stepney, London

Ralph Stratford (c. 1300-1354), also known as Ralph Hatton of Stratford, was a medieval Bishop of London.

Early life[edit]

Ralph was born into the wealthy Stratford Family of Stratford-on-Avon at the beginning of the fourteenth century. His parents may have been Thomas Hatton (of Warwickshire) and a sister of the bishops John de Stratford and Robert Stratford. He is also related, through them, to Henry de Stratford, Sir Andrew de Stratford[1] and the Archdeacon Thomas de Stratford. He attended Oxford University and was regent MA in 1329.[2]


Stratford's career was closely defined by and linked with his uncles John and Robert. He was elected 26 January 1340 and consecrated on 12 March 1340.[3] In 1350 the king nominated him for the cardinalate.[2]


Stratford died at Stepney, on 7 or 17 April 1354, and on the 28th his uncle Robert Stratford, bishop of Chichester, granted forty days' indulgence to those who prayed for his soul. He was buried in St Paul's Cathedral.[2]


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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Richard de Wentworth
Bishop of London
Succeeded by
Michael Northburgh