Ralph Williams (athlete)

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Ralph Williams
Personal information
Nationality American
Born (1900-08-24)August 24, 1900
Quincy, Massachusetts, United States
Sport Long-distance running
Event(s) Marathon

Ralph Williams (born August 24, 1900,[1] date of death unknown) was an American long-distance runner. He competed in the marathon at the 1924 Summer Olympics.[2] He made it on the US Olympic Team after finishing 7th in the Boston Marathon on April 19, 1924 with a time of 2:41:58.6.[3] The Boston Marathon was later measured and found to be 152 meters short.[3]

1924 Summer Olympics[edit]

Prior to the marathon, the American team ran a 15 mile time trial.[1] It was a particularly warm day in Paris, where the Olympics were being held, and Williams quit after 3 miles.[1] Coach Michael Ryan, who didn't finish either of the two Olympic marathons he ran, suggested that Williams be pulled from the event.[1] The "head coach and the chairman of the Selection Committee" overruled Ryan and chose to run Williams rather than Carl Linder.[1] Williams did not finish the race.[1]


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