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Ralph de Sudeley (died 1192) was an English baron in Gloucestershire. He was a benefactor of the Knights Templar as well as religious establishments. He was succeeded by his son Otuel.[1] From 1185 the family was based at Griff, Warwickshire, near land at Chilvers Coton given to Arbury Priory and the Templars.[2]


It has been claimed that Sudeley was a leader of the Knights Templar c. 1180. In a novel The Essence Conspiracy he is mentioned as a crusader in 1190.[3]

Graham Phillips claimed Ralph de Sudeley may have found the Ark of the Covenant when he discovered the Maccabean treasure at Jebel al Madhbah.[4] Because Sudeley returned to Britain, it is theorised that he may have taken the Ark to Britain with him.


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