Ralph de Warenne

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Ralph de Warenne, probable 1st Lord of Whitechurch, Shropshire, was formerly known as Weston.

"William de Warren, better known as William fitz Ranulf. His relation to the elder line has never been ascertained nor, as far as I know, surmised. My notion on the subject is quite conjectural. William, second Earl Warren, he who died 1135, is stated, on the best authority, to have three sons,-William, Reginald, and Ralph. William is well known as his father's successor and the last of the elder male line. Reginald became notorious as Lord of Wirmgay by marriage with it's [sic] heiress. Of Ralph little has been recorded except his era. It is consistent with both to suppose him to have been father of William fitz Ranulf of whom we are now speaking. If so, Ralph himself may have been in his own time, Lord of Whitchurch." (Eyton, Rev. R. W., Antiquities of Shropshire, Volume X, Pages 15&16). Footnote 1 of the Volume just mentioned also reveals this collaborative statement: "It is nearly certain that Ralph de Warren, the brother of the third Earl had a son William. The following consecutive sentences occur in a recitstory Charter of the Monks of Lewes.-In Norfolcia.-Ad Estunam Rannulfus de Warenna dedit nobis unam virgatam terrae. Ad Gelham dedit nobis Willielmus filius Rannulfi, decimam terrae, quam tenet Godvinus." (Dugdale, Sir William, Knight, Monasticon Anglicanum, Volume V, page 14, No. vi.). English translation of the preceding " Ranulf de Warren gave the monks of Lewes one yardland at Estun, in Norfolk: and William, his son, the tithe of the land which one Godvine held at Gelham." (Dugdale op. cit., page 3.)

"I have confirmed the church of Canfield [Essex] with 1 vigrate and the tithe of the demesne of the hall, tithe of Easton and at Yeldham tithe of Godwin's land (at Estun a carucate of land and a rustic, at each Canefeld and at Essendon the churches with land); tithe of Middleton given by William son of Ranulf and 1 yardland which Gladio joculator held by gift of Ran'[? Rainald] de Warenne." (Farrer, William, Litt.D., Honors and Knights' Fees, Volume III, Pages 300 & 311, Introduction section of the Honor of Warenne.).

William fitz Ralph, son of Ralph de Warenne and Grandson of William de Warenne, 2nd Earl of Surrey is illuminated by Rev. R. W. Eyton, Rector of Eyton, famous historian and Authority of the County of Shropshire, England. Please see Volume X, Antiquities of Shropshire, Pages 14–27 for the history of the Lords of Whitechurch.