Ramón José de Arce

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Ramón José de Arce

Ramón José de Arce y Rebollar (1757 – 1844) was a Spanish churchman who served as Archbishop of Burgos from 1797 to 1801; as Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition from 1797 to 1808; as Archbishop of Zaragoza from 1800 to 1816; and as Patriarch of the West Indies from 1806 to 1815.


Ramón José de Arce was born in Selaya, Cantabria in 1757.[1] He was educated at the Colegio Mayor de Cuenca of the University of Salamanca.[1] After university he became an official in the Finance Ministry of the Real Junta de Juros.[1] He then became a member of the Council of Castile.[1]

He was appointed Archbishop of Burgos on December 18, 1797,[2] and was appointed Grand Inquisitor of the Spanish Inquisition at the same time. He was consecrated as a bishop on March 4, 1798.[2] He was translated to the Archbishopric of Zaragoza on July 20, 1801.[2] He was appointed Patriarch of the West Indies on August 26, 1806.[2]

Spain was invaded by the First French Empire in 1808, becoming a client state of the French Empire. A series of sermons that Arce delivered during the occupation were widely believed to be pro-French.[3] As such, after Spain regained its independence during the Peninsular War in 1814, there was pressure on Arce to resign. He resigned his archbishopric and patriarchate on July 15, 1816.[4] He subsequently lived in exile in Paris, where he died on February 16, 1844.[3]

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Catholic Church titles
Preceded by
Juan Antonio de los Tucros
Archbishop of Burgos
Succeeded by
Manuel Cid y Monroy
Preceded by
Francisco Antonio de Lorenzana
Grand Inquisitor of Spain
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Office abolished
Re-established 1814:
Francisco Javier Mier Campillo
Preceded by
Joaquín Company Soler
Archbishop of Zaragoza
Succeeded by
Manuel Vicente Martínez Jiménez