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Ramón de Mesonero Romanos. Pintado por Casado del Alisal.jpg

Ramón de Mesonero Romanos (19 July 1803 - 30 April 1882), Spanish prose-writer, was born at Madrid.

At an early age he became interested in the history and topography of his native city. His Guía de Madrid (1831) was published when literature was at a low ebb in Spain; but the author's curious researches and direct style charmed the public, and next year, in a review entitled Cartas españolas, under the pseudonym of "El Curioso parlante," he began a series of articles on the social life of the capital which were subsequently collected and called Panorama matritense (1835-1836).

Mesonero Romanos was elected to the Spanish Academy in 1838 and, though he continued to write, had somewhat outlived his fame when he issued his pleasing autobiography, Memorias de un Setentón, natural y vecino de Madrid (1880). He died at Madrid, shortly after the publication of his Obras completas (8 vols, 410, 1881).

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