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Manoj Comics was one of the leading comic book houses in India along with its competitors like Raj Comics and Diamond Comics. Other than the regular characters, the prime strength of Manoj Comics was the stories based on Kings-Queens, Prince-Princess, Demons, Dragons, Ghosts and moral values. Almost half of the Manoj Comics published comics fall in these categories. They also published illustrations for some of the world-famous stories like Gulliver's Travels, though these are very rare to find these days.

Due to changing tastes Manoj Comics were finally closed down. Manoj Comics was the last major Indian comic book company which got shut down just before the end of the dark age of the Indian comic industry.[citation needed]


  • Bhoot-Pret Tantra-Mantra
  • Bhoot-Pret Tantra-Mantra Jadoo-Tona
  • Commando
  • Dark Tales
  • Dracula
  • Jaadui-Vichitra Lok Kathayein
  • Thrill Action Adventure


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