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Ram Charan
Born1939 (age 81–82)
Alma materIndian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi
Harvard Business School
Occupationbusiness consultant, speaker, and writer

Ram Charan (Hindi राम चरण; Uttar Pradesh, 1939) is an Indian-American business consultant, speaker, and writer resident in Dallas, Texas.[1]


Charan has consulted for companies such as GE, KLM, Bank of America, Praxair and Jaypee Associates. He is the author of various books on business, including Talent Masters, Leaders At All Levels', Leadership in the Era of Economic Uncertainty: The New Rules for Getting the Right Things Done in Difficult Times, Boards That Deliver, What The CEO Wants You To Know, Boards At Work, Every Business Is A Growth Business (with Noel Tichy), Profitable Growth Is Everyone's Business, Confronting Reality, Know How and Execution (with Larry Bossidy and Charles Burck), which was a best-seller.[2]

Charan runs his business management consulting company under the name Charan Associates in Dallas, TX. Records show the company was established in 1981 and incorporated in Texas. Current estimates show this company has an annual revenue of $500,000 to $1 million and employs a staff of approximately 1 to 4.[3] Charan sits on the board for Austin Industries, SSA & Company (formerly Six Sigma Academy),[4] and TE Connectivity.[5]

Charan partnered with Kevin R. Cope and Stephen M.R. Covey to form Acumen Learning. Acumen Learning and Ram Charan have an agreement to use the concepts in his book: "What the CEO Wants You to Know".[6] Ram has helped to define and popularize the idea of business acumen[7] being an essential leadership characteristic in management.

In November 2012, Dr. Ram Charan, along with Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev[8] guided Insight: the DNA of Success[9] a leadership program bringing together, for the first time, the tools of professional and personal empowerment. Fortune magazine calls him 'the most influential consultant alive'. The 4-day program held at the Isha Yoga Center,[10] saw 200 business leaders converge in an exploration that bridged spirituality and business.

Charan was elected a Fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources in 2000 and named a Distinguished Fellow in 2005.


  • The Economic Times of India named Ram Charan Global Indian of the Year for 2010.[11]


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Further reading[edit]

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