Ram Shefa

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Ram Shefa
רם שפע, יו"ר התאחדות הסטודנטים והסטודנטיות בישראל.jpg
Date of birth (1985-02-15) 15 February 1985 (age 34)
Place of birthGivat Haim (Ihud), Israel
Knessets21, 22
Faction represented in Knesset
2019–Blue and White

Ram Shefa (Hebrew: רם שפע, born 15 February 1985) is an Israeli politician. A former head of the National Union of Israeli Students, he is currently a member of the Knesset for the Blue and White alliance.


Shefa was born in kibbutz Givat Haim (Ihud), the son of Gershon (an Olympic swimmer) and Tamar (a kindergarten teacher). He attended Maya'an Shahar school, after which he did a Service Year in the Beit HaYeled boarding school in Tel Aviv. In his national service in the Israel Defense Forces he served in the Shaldag Unit. After completing his national service, Shefa moved to the Ein Yahav moshav in the Arava Valley, where he worked in agriculture for a year, before spending six months volunteering abroad for Tevel B'Tzedek. When he returned to Israel, he worked for the Aharei organisation.

In 2012 he began an undergraduate course at the Kibbutzim College, and at the end of the year he was elected head of the college's student union. In 2014 he became deputy chair of the National Union of Israeli Students. In 2016 he started a master's degree course in public policy at Tel Aviv University, and was elected chair of the National Union of Israeli Students.

In February 2019 Shefa resigned from the union and joined the new Israel Resilience Party.[1] After the party became part of the Blue and White alliance, he was given the twenty-ninth slot on the joint list,[2] and was subsequently elected to the Knesset as the alliance won 35 seats.

Shefa is married to Efrat Resner, with whom he has a son. The couple live in Givat Haim (Ihud).


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