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King of Ayutthaya Kingdom
King of Siam
Reign 1395–1409
Predecessor Somdet Phra Ramesuan
Successor Somdet Phra Intha Racha[disambiguation needed]
Born 1356
Full name
King Uthong , Somdet Phra Ramathibodi I
Dynasty Uthong Dynasty

Ramrachathirat (Thai: รามราชาธิราช), born 1356 CE, was the fifth king of the Ayutthaya Kingdom of Siam (modern Thailand); he succeeded King Ramesuan in 1395, and was succeeded by Intha Racha[disambiguation needed] in 1409.


Epigraphic Inscription XXXVIII, in which he promulgates a law in the vassal kingdom of Sukhodaya in 1397, is a document of peculiar importance for the study of legal history. It is the only known legislative text engraved on stone emanating from any of the Southeast Asian kingdoms. The inscription refers to the Dharmasastra, and couples it with the Raja S'astra, a list of legal decisions. Though these are called by their Sanskrit names, it is obvious that what was meant is the Dhammasattha, on which Ayudhyan law was based, and the Rajasattha (รัฐศาสตร์) 'science of kings' (modern Thai, 'political science',) which was then the body of laws enacted by his predecessors. (Later Siamese rulers used the hybrid forms Dharmasi'itra and Rajasiitra).[1]


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Born: 1356 Died:  ?
Regnal titles
Preceded by
King of Ayutthaya
Succeeded by
Intha Racha