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Ramabai Ballal Peshwa
Peshwin (or the wife of a Maratha Peshwa)
The Sati of Ramabai.jpg
The Sati of Ramabai, Wife of Madhavrao Peshwa
Born 1750
Died 1772
Spouse Madhavrao Ballal Peshwa
Issue none
Full name
Ramabai Madhavrao Ballal Peshwa
House Maratha India

Ramabai was wife of Madhavrao Peshwa I. Her father's name was Shivaji Ballal Joshi[1] from Solapur.


A memorial marking the death place of Ramabai Peshwa

Ramabai was married to Madhavrao I on 9 December 1753 in Pune. She accompanied Madhavrao I during Karnataka expedition in 1766–67. She was religious lady and would go on pilgrimages, like that of Shrivardhan and Harihareshwar.

She had gone to Harihareshwar in 1772 when Madhavrao's health was very serious. She always kept fasts for Madhavrao. the couple had no children.[2]

She was a very spiritual and religious woman. She never intervened in social or political matters.[citation needed] On 18 November 1772, Madhavrao died in the temple premises of Chintamani, Theur. Thousands of citizens visited the site and paid their last respects to their beloved departed leader. Since Ramabai was mentally prepared for his death beforehand,she performed Sati[3] on his funeral pyre on the same date. Madhavrao was cremated on the banks of the Bhima river which was about half a mile from the temple. A small memorial carved out of stone rests today at this place as a reminder of this great leader and his loving wife.

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A memorial marking the death place of Ramabai Peshwa (1750-1772), wife of Madhavrao Ballal Peshwa (18th century Indian Premier, Statesman, Patriot). The memorial is located in the town of Theur, Maharashtra

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