Ramadi Barrage

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Ramadi Barrage
Ramadi Barrage South.JPG
Upstream face of southern barrage, facing southeast
Ramadi Barrage is located in Iraq
Ramadi Barrage
Location of Ramadi Barrage in Iraq
Location Directly west of Ramadi, Al Anbar Governorate, Iraq
Coordinates 33°26′04″N 43°15′55″E / 33.43444°N 43.26528°E / 33.43444; 43.26528Coordinates: 33°26′04″N 43°15′55″E / 33.43444°N 43.26528°E / 33.43444; 43.26528
Opening date 1955
Operator(s) Ministry of Water Resources
Dam and spillways
Impounds Euphrates River

Ramadi Barrage is a two-section diversion dam on the Euphrates River adjacent (west) of Ramadi, Iraq. The main purpose of the northern barrage is to slow or stop water if needed, allowing it to be diverted through the southern barrage into a canal. The canal feeds water into Lake Habbaniyah to the southeast.[1]

The intent was to use water stored by the Ramadi Barrage and the Samarra Barrage for irrigation. However, evaporation on Lakes Habbaniyah and Tharthar led to reduced storage and high salinity, conditions unsuitable for irrigation.[2]


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