Ramakrishna Nagar, Mysore

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Paramahamsa Park, Ramakrishna Nagar
Ramakrishna Vidyakendra, Mysore
Lingam Budhi Park


Ramakrishna Nagar
Coordinates: 12°17′01″N 76°37′00″E / 12.28348°N 76.61668°E / 12.28348; 76.61668
Country India
State Karnataka

Rama Krishna Nagar is a posh residential locality in southern Mysore.[1] The nucleus of the area is called the 'Rama Krishna Circle' or the Andolan intersection. This area is very near Kuvempunagar and Vivekananda nagar.[2]

Church Bus-stop[edit]

Ramakrishna Nagar is also known as 'the Church' because there is a CSI Church on the bus stop. This location is also called E and F Block. The road further goes up to the last stop of KSRTC which is otherwise called 'H' Block. Lingambudhi Lake is at a walking distance from E-Block.

Lingam Budhi Park[edit]

The biggest attraction of Ramakrishna Nagar is the Lingam Budhi Park. It is a sprawling bamboo forest with two kilometer perimeter walking track near the Lingambudhi Lake. This lake is rich in the diversity of flora and fauna. The lake was constructed in 1828 and continues to have a rural charm in the middle of the city. In addition to the park, there is an embankment on the lake which is suitable for walking and jogging. The lake connects Rabindranath Tagore Layout with Srirampura bus stop.

Andolan Circle[edit]

The epicenter of Ramakrishna Nagar is the Andolan intersection which is now called Ramakrishna Nagara Vritha. This intersection connects the Kuvempu Nagar main road with the Double Road and the Ring Road. One road from the intersection also connects to the University and Hunsur Road area.[3]

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