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Pronunciation Rāmanātaṉ
Gender Male
Language(s) Tamil
Meaning Lord of Rama
Region of origin Southern India
North-eastern Sri Lanka
Other names
Short form(s) Nathan
Derived Rama

Ramanathan (Tamil: ராமநாதன்) is a given name for a male South Indians. Due the South Indian tradition of using patronymic surnames it may also be a surname for males and females. Ramanathan is derived from Rama (a Hindu god) and the Sanskrit word nath, meaning "lord." The name Ramanathan is given to the Hindu god Shiva at Rameshwaram, one of the southernmost towns in India. Hindus believe that Lord Rama worshipped Shiva before beginning his journey to Lanka; hence "Lord of Rama."This name is from the history of great epics.Most tamil south indians like chettiars mostly have this name.

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