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Country  India
State Tamil Nadu
District Kanyakumari
 • Official Tamil
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Ramanathichanputhur is a village situated near Marungoor in Kanyakumari District, Tamil Nadu.


The village is divided based on a caste system: Vellalars in the north part and Nadars in the south part of the village. Vellalars are the ancient people of this village and Nadars are settled day by day here mostly from western side of the district and also from Tirnelveli district. Nadar's hard work, literacy and sports like kabbadi and volleyball make village know to near Districts. Most of the self employed men from the village working in outside India with great position. There are lot of professionals like doctors, engineers, researchers and businessman from south Ramanathichanputhoor and well off. The streets are very clean and hygiene. Most of the Marungoor panchayat villages are getting drinking water supply from here, as its ground water is tasty.

Vellalars are converted to Christianity during the 17th century from nearby villages like Marungoor, Iraviputhur, Theroor etc., and for marriage purposes they get relationship with Vadakkankulam, North Rajavoor, Kuruvinatham villages, because those vellalars are already in the faith of Christianity. Both the communities (Nadar and vellalar)are belongs to Roman Catholic, though there is no inter marriage due to strong cast sensitivity.

A church for Lady of Lourdes was built during the 17th century, but for some unknown reason that church was left as it is and a new church for St. Ignatius was constructed and made as the parish church. Now the Old church is renovated and an Infant jesus statue kept inside for worship.

The other part of this village is South Ramanathichanputhur blessed with Saint Roch (Arokianathar) Church attached to Ramanathichanputhur Parish.

Ramanathichenputhoor has 100% literacy. Three side surrounded by hills and pond. Surrounded villages are North West Rajavoor, West Kumarapuram Thoppur, South Amaravathi villai and East Nedumalai hills


The people here are mostly Roman Catholics and this parish belongs to the Kottar Diocese.

Before the state re-organisation was done, this village was the east border of South Thiruvithangoor.

Ramanathichenputhoor surrounded by hills (Nedumallai-east, Kathadimallai-North and Perialkullam pond-West. Via Narithondu there is Short route to Pazhavoor(Trinelvelli). It is one of the east border of Kanyakumari Dist.